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How does FREE sound?

Call 392-3800 to enroll in the free trial program!

To enroll in Olney, IL: (618) 392-3800

To enroll in Princeton, IN: (812) 385-8400

Our trial program includes:

  • a meeting to discuss your goals
  • info about what we offer (you, your child, and your entire family)
  • a one-on-one lesson with our chief instructor.

You can even bring a list of questions to ask our staff, and you’ll take info home that your family can discuss after the free lesson.

To get started, just leave us a comment below – right on this page. Or, call/email us (mention our trial program). We are excited you’re interested in joining our martial arts family!

Then what?

Wear a t-shirt and long pants (no jeans, please). If you’re under 18, bring a parent or guardian. Your first class will last about 45 minutes. If you come with questions, you’ll leave with answers!

Write or call us:

Nathan Wheatley
Chief Instructor

(618) 392-3800
text: (618) 263-9310

(812) 385-8400
text: (618) 263-9310


OLNEY We’re in downtown Olney across from Arcadia Theatre.
There’s plenty of free parking on Main Street, and Fair Street offers additional parking.

PRINCETON We’re in the group fitness room at the rear of Elite Fitness Center
There’s plenty of free parking in the strip mall parking lot.

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