Princeton Students Compete in Carmi, IL


CARMI, Ill. — Four students from Princeton Martial Arts (PMA), inside Elite Fitness Center at 1601 W. Broadway St. in Princeton, competed here Nov. 9 at the Southern Illinois Inter-school Tournament, bringing home a total of 7 trophies.

Local competitors placing in forms competition were: Quinn Bush, 1st place (Beginner age 6-10 division); Garry Anderson, 1st place (Pre-TKD Orange Stripe division); and Morgan Anderson, 2nd place (Beginner age 6-10 division).

Local competitors placing in sparring competition were: Trae Hall, 1st place (Beginner age 6-10 division) and Quinn Bush, 2nd place (Beginner age 6-10 division).

Local competitors placing in breaking were: Garry Anderson, 2nd place (Pre-TKD division) and Morgan Anderson, 4th place (Age 9-11 division).

Princeton Martial Arts provides quality martial arts instruction by blending traditional values with modern training techniques, offering a traditional taekwondo program through Elite Fitness Center, 1601 W Broadway. All of PMA’s instructors have met stringent instructor certification requirements and teach a standardized curriculum. PMA can be reached by phone at (618) 240-1879 and 385-8400 or at

Olney press release coming soon!

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