Martial Arts Monday: Do I Need to Get in Shape BEFORE Taking Martial Arts?


I’m talking to a potential student. We’ve gone through all the standard stuff: class times, cost, how to get started, etc. I’ve answered all their questions and addressed their concerns. Our conversation is coming to a close, and almost as though they’re afraid to ask, they come to one final concern.

“I’m not in very good shape…” they pause. “Will that matter?”

In over a decade of teaching martial arts, I’ve received that question a lot from adults. The public seems to perceive martial arts as being taught in a sink-or-swim manner, that only the strong survive.

The truth? Martial arts is and should be about learning, not about tearing someone down. Every martial arts instructor worth his salt structures classes so that beginners are challenged, but not destroyed. After all, we were all beginners once; many of us were out of shape when we were.

If you’re in shape, martial arts is a fun activity that will teach you self-defense while maintaining your fitness. If you’re not, martial arts will help you meet your fitness goals.

No preliminary training required!

Nathan W. Wheatley
4th Degree Black Belt
Owner/Chief Instructor /

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