Martial Arts Monday: Women in Martial Arts

Women's Equality collage

The stereotype of the martial arts school filled with sweaty boys and men doesn’t hold true anymore–now there are plenty of sweaty women and girls joining them!

According to New York-based Simmons Market Research, 48% of martial arts participants are female. Martial arts competitions are filled with female champions, like UFC and judo champ Ronda Rousey, shattering stereotypes. Just look at our own Miss Elizabeth Nash, a 3rd degree black belt and trainee instructor with a decade of taekwondo excellence under her black belt, for a local example.

Martial arts training provides many benefits to women and girls, most notably by teaching them self-defense. One in five women are sexually assaulted in their lifetimes, and a solid background in martial arts helps women avoid becoming part of that statistic.

But that’s not all, martial arts training helps women and girls stay fit, and gives them the confidence to do anything they can dream of. Looking for a fun, safe, rewarding activity for yourself or your daughter? Think taekwondo!

Nathan W. Wheatley
4th Degree Black Belt
Owner/Chief Instructor /

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