Taekwondo training builds confidence, emphasizes respect, teaches self-defense, increases fitness, and even improves grades. But how can an individual sport teach teamwork?

How does an individual martial art teach teamwork BETTER than team sports?

Taekwondo doesn’t have a “bench.”
Your child participates in every class 100% of the time.

Taekwondo does not merely take attendance or participation. We emphasize group learning, cooperation, and encouraging other students to succeed.

There are no penalties for missing practice, and OTC is flexible in allowing a student to learn on his or her own time with private lessons or extra classes.

Progress is measured individually for students to earn new belts, but class activities encourage teamwork, courtesy, respect and perseverance. Traditional taekwondo mixes friendly competition with the sense of community and sportsmanship that comes from all students working toward the same goal.

These attributes make your child a leader in taekwondo and later in life! Children with martial arts training grow up with an edge in connecting with people and working as part of a team.

Begin your child’s path to leadership today: call 392-3800 or comment for a FREE 2-week membership!

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